BAW Computers

Kandoy House 2 Fairview Strand Dublin 3, Ireland

Tel: 01 506 5639


Home Solutions

BAW Computers offers a great desktops for home. Despite the recent shift to mobile devices, many old-schoolers, gamers, and professionals remain loyal to the desktops due to their performance, feature demands and ability to expand and upgrade. Desktops still are answer for businesses and institutions, parents and other users.

BAW Computers Desktop Range is an answer for everyday Internet users, gamers, home office and also are designed for all age users. We also offer different types and designs of chassis, vendors and operating systems.

With BAW Computers you can choose from general-purpose PC, Gaming PC, Luxury PC, Professional PC.

General- Purpose PC:

Workaday PC designed for Internet users, general office-type tasks and/or moderate media consumption.

Gaming PC:

High performance Desktops range for gamers with excellent graphic card, gigantic hard drives, decent CPU

Luxury PC:

PC designed for high media consumption (for example video), with TV tuners, blu-ray drives, higher-end components

Professional PC:

Business PC not necessary are much different than mainstream general purpose PC’s but they need media editors or/and work related features like wide display, high-end graphic card and big storage.